Live post: Nokia Mobile presented a new feature in a strange way *Update*

Here is something completely new on Nokiamob. Instead of us (me or Stipan) writing stuff, nagging that we’ll get latest Huawei from the USA faster than Nokia 9 PureView for a review, we’ll let you do the job instead. This is going to be some sort of a live post that you’ll be able to partially shape up. OK, now I’m writing to much, so let’s jump to the case.


Update* The ad has been taken down by Nokia Mobile MENA

You might have seen the new Nokia Mobile ad on local MENA Instagram page that shows a new adaptive brightness feature that should help people get accustomed better to the surrounding light. Well, something is odd there. The best 5 answers that reveal what is wrong and how the thing should be working to help the owners soak up the content of their beloved displays with ease will be included in the post. Give us your best, I dare you. I double dare you 🙂

Cheers guys 🙂

P.S. We are not being pricks, well just a little, but there is a point in this! Hopefully, someone who needs to get it, will get it.

So, what some people might not know, everyday users of Nokia smartphones definitely know:

The brightness should be at higher level when the surrounding light conditions are high 😉


Dimming the display should work under low light conditions…otherwise the screen is supposed to remain brighter


isn’t it supposed to get darker in the dark and brighter when it gets bright


This one is double dare so here it goes. Anyway, the it is the opposite of the real thing 🙂

“In an answer to consumer criticism about the lack of innovation, and following Google’s own guidelines in terms of comfortable UI designs, HMD has introduced a revolutionary new adaptive brightness feature that will turn down the brightness of the screen when in well lit environments and turn up the brightness when in low light situations. This way, alongside Google’s UIs, no matter in which ambient you’re in, your phone will always actively try to blind you.

Maybe they look into the future and increase brightness before the sun hits your eyes and blinds you. In that way the display that everyone walks around looking at will make pupils smaller before sun hits them….LOL