Nokia Mockingbird and Hawkeye getting ready

Photo from ScreenRant

A lot has happened at Nokia Mobile, or HMD Global if you will, in the last year or two, but one thing has not changed. We are now seeing Nokia devices with slightly altered designs and toned down specs, but Nokia Mobile is still faithful to dedicating codenames from the Marvel universe to unreleased devices. Now a lot of information has surfaced about the Nokia Venom, which is most likely a slightly improved Nokia G22 (or Sunfire).

However, there are some new kids waiting in the wings, which are slowly but surely getting all the necessary certificates. The kids are more or less similar-looking Nokia C22 and Nokia C32 devices with some internal differences like a processor, main camera modules and different fingerprint reader positions. Also, C22 is running a Go version of Android.

From the FCC documents it appears that the codename of the Nokia C32 is “Mockingbird”, while the codename of the C22 is “Hawkeye”. Since both phones are similar in design, it makes sense that they have codenames that are similarly related.

However, there is a document listed in the FCC documents of Hawkeye that shows all the suppliers for memory modules, displays, cables, batteries and so on. You won’t be surprised to know that all of them are from China but that doesn’t surprise me since almost everything, even Make America Great Again hats are made in China.

Anyways, there you go. We are still seeing Nokia phones being codenamed after Marver Universe characters. Who knows what kind of phones we would have if codenames from DC comics were used?