Nokia will present 30+ products and services at MWC2018

Nokia announced quite a long time ago that it will be present at MWC2018, but just recently tweeted about the quantity of things it will be showing us. We already know that Nokia has been busy lately presenting various new stuff, that are mostly about the networks or networking equipment. One such piece of equipment has just passed the FCC offices. Nokia Networks ordered the FCC tests and the product is a Wi-Fi antenna.

There isn’t much data about the product and photos are scarce, but some of it was available and we can see it is a bit heavier networking gadget, obviously outdoor Wi-Fi antenna that will be used as Hotspot… Maybe it will be receiving data from 5G networks and share the data with the others over Wi-Fi.


Anyway, Nokia is preparing to launch over 30 products and services at the MWC2018. This antenna is just one of them, but I also have high hopes for some other gadgets that could be commercially available, like in home Wi-Fi hubs or some health gadget…



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