Users of Nokia 9 Pureview pushing some great photos

The reviews of Nokia 9 Pureview are not the best out there. HMD has seen better ones for less significant devices. Some negative things like the bad fingerprint scanner or the lack of camera button and extandable memory that reviewers are pointing out are rightfully mentioned. But, I am still not sure about all of the bad critiques said about the camera quality. OK, the app is not the quickest one and that piece of software needs to be polished asap, but the daylight or low light shots that Nokia 9 Pureview is taking are one of the best out there. If you don’t believe my words, please do check out the photos taken by Anthony Hunter, a long time user of Nokia and later Microsoft Lumia devices, or the photos taken by TommisJTP, and Ben Wood.

We still didn’t get the phone for a review, and the timing is not known since HMD in Europe is undergoing some changes, but we’d love to see how good the camera is when average user is trying to look like a photographer that can deliver. It is not that I’m taking sides here, but by observing photos those guys posted, the Nokia 9 Pureview cameras can perform well. The software editing tools that HMD is currently using cant be compared with the software Nokia developed during the era of the Devices and Services department. If they are smart, some serious investment for the camera software is needed to make that Pureview brand shine rightfully on a Nokia branded device.

I would love to see Christopher Westerholm shoot a video with Nokia 9 Pureview and tels us what he thinks of it.