Video: Unboxing of the Nokia True Wireless Earbuds


We have been trying to get our hands on the Nokia True Wireless Earbuds today when visited the Nokia booth, but with no luck. After a whole day of walking around the Hall 3, we sat down at the HMD house for a few Lonkeros and magic happened as it always does when drinking in a good company. Great guy from HMD saw our dispirited faces and found us a box of Earbuds to unbox them and play around with it. Suddenly, the world was in color again.

The box looks premium since it is made out of the sturdy cardboard in a white color. The box reminds me of some of the Nokia health products like Nokia Thermo or SteelHR. When you open the lid, the first thing you see is the charging case with two earbuds next to it. The wall charger and a cable are placed below it in black boxes.
We tried to test them but we needed to charge the buds and the case so we’ll do that when HMD sends us one pair for a test.
The buds do look premium because of the metal body that makes them look sturdy. They are charged over the metal body, and the buds are held in the case by a magnet which will keep them tightly placed in the case even while open.

Check the photos of the unboxing, and also check the unboxing video below.

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