Nokia MBiT index: 4G contributed to 92% of total data traffic in India

It is a beautiful morning here in Barcelona, and we are slowly getting ready for all the excitements that Nokia and HMD have prepared for us in the coming hours and days.Nokia also published the annual Mobile Broadband India Traffic (MBiT) Index study of mobile broadband performance in India that revealed an increase of 109% in the data consumption across the country in 2018. It is more interesting that 4G networks constituted 92% of this growth and that the number of 4G subscribers surpassed the number of 3G subscribers more than 5 times. This is the result of a constant decrease in data tariffs and that 4G device had become economically available for the end users. India is an important market for Nokia and Finns are constantly focused on it since there is a great opportunity for improving the 4G infrastructure and introduce the 5G in the near future.

Anyway, Nokia will be showing a lot of interesting stuff at the MWC19, and we’ll be there to cover it and check it out.

Read more about the report at the Nokia web pages.