Nokia 9 Pureview shows up on Geekbench under the real name

Photo by Eero (Concept)

All covers and masks are down. Someone took a Nokia 9 Pureview for a ride through the Geekbench test and showed us the proper results this phone can get. This time Nokia 9 got higher scores for the single and multi-core test, and those results are similar (or better) to the results other Snapdragon 845 devices achieve. Check out previous results here. Nokia 9 seen on the Geekbench page will be coming with 6 GB of RAM which is probably enough for the computational photography software to work fluently.

Ah well, now we just need to see it at work :). Hope that HMD will set up some kind of photo booth where folks visiting their space will be able to see the power of Nokia 9 Pureview camera. That PureView needs to be justified by an example. Nokia used to do that for the Lumia lineup, and I think it would be good for HMD to do the same.


Source DroidShout / Geekbench