Unknown Nokia Taisun appeared on FIH’s servers

Trusted member of the Nokia community Hikari Calyx posted via Twitter that he discovered a new Nokia phone on FIH’s servers – codenamed TAS. FIH Mobile is HMD Global’s manufacturing partner in making Nokia Android phones, so a device appearing on FIH’s servers is the usual procedure


Nokia TAS (Taisun) is surely a Nokia phone (because FIH’s servers contain firmwares for other phone brands they manufacture as well) and Hikari suspects it’s the typical “Snapdragon 63x/660 device”. TAS is shorter for Taisun, and Taisun is the name of world’s strongest crane (title picture).

It’s interesting to point out that HMD Global and FIH Mobile have different codenames for the same Nokia device. HMD already said that 2019 devices carry “Superhero” codenames. In case of Nokia 9 Pureview, the device is rumored to be codenamed Nokia Oylmpic, but FIH Mobile calls it internally AOP, but “ao lin pi ke” in Chinese means Olympic. The codename is Olympic because of the penta-lens camera setup and Olympic logo having 5 rings.

Apart from “Olympic” aka Nokia 9 PureView, another device we soon expect to see is the Nokia 6.2 with punch-hole display. Maybe the 6.2 is Taisun?