Want a #Nokia 3310 with #4G? #Foxconn will soon sell you a clone

In the database of Chinese certification agency for electronics and telecommunications equipment a device similar to the new Nokia 3310 appeared. The phone is called InFocus IF9027, and runs YunOS and supports 4G.

There is nothing new in Chinese companies copying protected designs and offering their products in their homeland China, but that’s overall a bad practise which the Chinese government allows to protect its companies.

This time it is interesting that the brand InFocus is owned by Foxconn, who also owns FIH Mobile – HMD’s exclusive manufacturing partner for Nokia-branded device. Foxconn decided to copy the design of Nokia 3310, which, by the way, is protected in the EU, and create a more powerful feature phone that supports 4G.

It’s not clear if HMD is aware of this or maybe they allowed them to do it, but it doesn’t seem logical that they would allow this. I mean, the most logical thing to do, if Foxconn wants its feature phone OS to run on a 3310, to make a Nokia-branded YunOS edition of 3310 for China.

We contacted HMD Global for an official statement about this awkward situation and Foxconn’s plans to sell a 3310 clone. HMD responded that they can’t comment  on rumors. We will ask the same question once the phone is announced.

Thanks Чёрти Кто for the tip. 🙂

via: mobiltelefon.ru

source: TENAA