CNBC did a nice review of what Nokia is doing in bringing the 5G network

The CNBC got a chance to visit Nokia HQ (lucky bastards) and get their eyes and cameras on latest Nokia hardware and software that will be powering a lot of 5G networks in the future. They also tested simulations that demonstrated how the world could benefit from the short latency 5G networks are going to provide. That ball experiment pretty much demonstrates the advantage autonomous machines will have in those ultra short times they’ll communicate between each other to finish any given task. It is nice to see that networking hardware on display in the Nokia HQ, but I also like to see new Nokia phones that are spreading its name across the globe once again. This could also mean that Nokia will definitely be trying some of its 5G tech in phones bearing Nokia name. Nokia could profit nicely from all the mistrust given to Huawei, and Nokia is taking good care to ensure her hardware and software is secure. Since 5G networks will have to rely on many base stations across the big cities, many are concerned about health issues, it still needs to be seen what is Nokia doing about this question. Check the video, it is worth watching it.


It is funny to see how Huawei found its place in the first 30 seconds of a video dedicated to Nokia :). Those guys are really sticking their noses where they shouldn’t be, ha ha.