Merry Christmas dear all from Nokiamob team

Merry Christmas everyone! I don’t know if Christmas is your holiday, but the end of a calendar year usually is special. These are times when we are getting close with our family and friends, and making plans for New Year’s celebration. You probably saw that we weren’t so active past few days, and it’s because we are at vacation and spending our time with our family. But, since you are our family too, we are here for you too.
I wish you all the best for the holidays, to you and your families. Be close to your Nokia phones, but raise your heads from time to time. One time my internet was down, I chated the whole afternoon with my wife and family. Nice folks, I must confess :D.
Anyway, if you are celebrating Christmas, I hope Santa got you a Nokia phone under the tree, If he didn’t, we’ll contact HMD to send him a direct message to Lapland, which is just around the corner for those guys :). I recommend you be good Santa to someone, or to yourself, and get Nokia 7 Plus. Even NokiaMobile is suggesting the same. The best Nokia phone till now!

HMD is also relaxing, and they earned their holidays since 2018 was quite busy for them. Next year will also be fun, and we all expect from HMD to break the internet with an ultimate Nokia camera phone.

There’s been a rumor of a midrange Nokia phone with 3 cameras at the bac, but the phone reminds me a lot to Nokia 5.1 Plus at the back. Well, judge it for your self, it looks to me like a nicely done Photoshop. The second one is done by our good friend Eero! If not, Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi, prepare yourself to get beaten by Nokia once again in the low midrange class.


Cheers guys. Stay well, be joyful. I’m off to the city ;).

Merry Christmas from the Nokiamob team!