Nokia 8.1 available in Taiwan over official Nokia store

Nokia Mobile launched a new version of Nokia 8, or Nokia 8.1. The best news about this device with rather good specs is that it is already shipping to the retailers. Folks at UAE should be able to buy it on December 15th, but the official Nokia store in Taiwan has overtaken that date and is already offering it on its web pages. The device is priced there rather aggressively at 9990 NT$ or approximately €290. This is a great price and it should guarantee good sales, especially in the holiday season. If this price could be met at the global level, the sales would skyrocket.

To celebrate the sales of a new device, Nokia shop is offering there a clear protective cover made of silicone, but you can also by the better quality Nokia Entertainment Flip Cover for the price of 22 NT$. The cover is available in Gray and Blue color.

Check out the official Nokia store in Taiwan.


Source LoveNokia