Try Sailfish OS 3 on your Xperia XA2 device for free

Jolla has recently launched the third version of its Sailfish OS which brings some UI changes and some improvements under the hood. Since Jolla is now mostly dealing with software, the hardware is committed to partners, or to be frank just Sony. If you are an owner of a Sony Xperia XA2, XA2 Plus, and XA2 Ultra device, or you are planning to be one, it is good to know that you can try Sailfish 3 already, and it is for free.
The trial version gets you the Sailfish OS software package, but it leaves you without the Android app support, Predictive text input, customer update support, and few other things that you can see in the attached photo.

To install the Sailfish OS on your Xperia X device you’ll need some basic computer skills, but Jolla made clear instructions and process doesn’t seem to be complicated that much. Just head here and start installing the Sailfish 3 trial on your Xperia device. By the way, if you like the Sailfish 3, you can purchase the full version for €49.90.

If there is anyone with a Sony Xperia XA2 device here that is willing to try Sailfish OS, do tell us how the whole process went.