HMD Global moved its HQ from Nokia Campus

Although HMD Global isn’t Nokia, their main headquarters were pretty much close to Nokia’s HQ. Their address was Karaportti 2, which is just across the main entrance of the Nokia’s central building. That wasn’t strange since the leaders of HMD were all ex-Nokia, and it was convenient to have offices close to Nokia when the whole licensing business was being set up. Well, things have changed now. HMD grew up a bit and moved their HQ to new premises. They didn’t go far from Nokia Campus, just a few kilometers toward Helsinki. Their new address is Bertel Jungin aukio 9, 02600 Espoo, Finland, and if you put it in Google maps, it will show you an office building where many companies reside.

The reasons for HMD’s move are not known, but they were quick to change the address on their web pages, FCC documents, and even Google Play store. Nokia 7.1 already got the new address printed on the back. That particular building inside the Nokia Campus was once a part of Nokia Networks and maybe they needed more space for all the networking guys that came with the acquisition of Alcatel Lucent.


Anyways, I doubt that the love is gone between Nokia and HMD since HMD is doing a great job in spreading the Nokia brand across the globe.