Canalys: Sales of Nokia smartphones in Europe down 18% in Q4 2018

Nokia 7.1

Market research company Canalys published online their report about the smartphone market in Europe during the 4th quarter of 2018. We already covered their report about Western Europe on a yearly basis, where HMD took the 4th spot with 4.1 million units shipped in 2018, posting a growth of almost 80% compared to 2017.

Canalys groups European countries into West Europe and CEE region (Central and Eastern Europe). According to data we previously covered, during the 4th quarter of 2018 HMD didn’t have much success in neither group. They took the 5th spot in Western Europe with a 3% market share in Q4 2018 and -5% sales decline compared to Q4 2017. In CEE Nokia brand was also No.5 with 2% market share in Q4 2018, but with a troubling sales decline of 42% compared to the same time year before.

Now Canalys posted results for Europe combined, and in Q4 2018 HMD shipped 1.3 million phones and took 2.4% of market share. That represents a decline of 18% compared to Q4 2017, when the company shipped 1.6 million units in Europe.

Overall, in Q4 2018 HMD shipped 4.6 million smartphones, according to Counterpoint Research, while in the whole year of 2018 they shipped 17.5 million smartphones worldwide.


Source: Canalys