Jolla announced Sailfish 3. Available now in early access

Jolla went ahead of schedule and released a new version of its Sailfish OS, Sailfish 3. The new version of Sailfish that has roots in former Nokia’s MeeGo OS, brought a refreshed UI look and many more improvements under the hood. New enhanced features also include Mobile Device Management (MDM), fully integrated VPN solutions, enterprise WiFi, data encryption, and better and faster performance.

Sailfish 3 updates will be named after Finland’s national parks, unlike updates of Sailfish 2 which were named after many Finnish lakes. If you are interested in testing the Sailfish 3, you can download it today. To get it you have to opt for the early access updates, and you can do that by going to this Jolla page.
Jolla said that after the release of early access, the regular update will be rolled put in phases in the following weeks. Next big update, Sailfish 3.0.1, will be released in early December.

Here are some new UI features of Sailfish 3.0.0:

New Top Menu: quick settings and shortcuts can now be accessed anywhere
Light ambiances: new fresh look for Sailfish OS
Data encryption: memory card encryption is now available. Device file system encryption is coming in next releases.
New Keyboard gestures: quickly change keyboard layouts with one swipe
USB On-The-Go storage: connect to different kinds of external storage devices
Camera improvements: new lock screen camera roll allows you to review the photos you just took without unlocking the device

Jolla also announced new Sailfish X hardware brought by its longtime partner now, Sony. Latest Sony Xperia XA2 models will be able to use all the perks of Sailfish OS. More details about those devices you can find on Sony pages.

Unfortunately, there still aren’t any Nokia phones in the Sailfish X program. Hope HMD guys planning to change this since I know that some Nokia fans would love to try Sailfish on their Nokia phones and revive the great Nokia plan for a brief moment of time :).


Source Jolla