Detailed unboxing and hands on videos of Nokia X7 by Nokibar and JD (in Chinese)

Nokia X7 could easily become the most desired midrange smartphone, not only by Nokia aficionados but by many other smartphone users as well. The phone brings some nice enhancements to Nokia 7 Plus, even though we need to bear in mind that X7 is China exclusive, and that future Nokia 7.1 Plus (if there is going to be one) could differ in design and specifications. But, it does remind a lot of 7 Plus though.
Nokibar and YouTube user JD already got their hands on the device and did very detailed unboxing and hands-on videos. Videos are in Chinese, so you either mute the tone or practice your Chinese.

Both of them got the Nokia X7 in Night Red color, which looks really nice. It is also nice to see that the glass-covered device will be coming with the silicone protective cover inside the box so you can keep it shiny for longer times.

Just by watching the video you can see that the Nokia X7 camera got some visible improvements, especially its low light performance. Even though you can see that there is a lot of postprocessing being done, OIS backed with new camera algorithms can produce quite nice low light photos.

JD showed some gimmicks in his video, like a not so nicely tuned loudspeaker, some leakage of the back light next to the notch, and processor getting notably warmer during gaming when compared to some other phones. Maybe JD got the device that was among the first to come from the production line… There is enough time to solve some of those problems and polish the software.

Take a look at the videos and check out the Nokia X7