Nokia Mobile India teases the upcoming Nokia 7.1 Plus launch

This week we saw an Eurocentric Nokia 7.1, targeting operator markets like Europe and the US, where the device will already be available this month. A lot of us expected a more powerful Nokia 7.1 (plus), considering all the rumors we saw, especially the leaked photos and specs from TENAA.


Next week, on 11th October, Nokia Mobile will hold a launch event in India. We don’t know what HMD will announce there, but we assume that it won’t be the Nokia 7.1 announced this week. Our guess gets a bit stronger after Nokia Mobile India posted a teaser on Twitter with the hashtag #GoBigGetBetter, suggesting a big screen experience.

So, if you are after a more powerful Nokia device for the upcoming holidays, maybe next week Nokia Mobile can satisfy your need with a “bigger” device.