Nokia wireless earphones available in India over official Nokia webshop

Every phone manufacturer has the official accessories for their devices portfolio. That way the phone manufacturer creates the value of its primary product, and what is more important, the visibility of its brand. Nokia used to have great accessories portfolio, from car holders, chargers, earphones to BT speakers. HMD Global did try to follow Nokia’s steps and launched some earphones, covers, and car chargers, but most of them are still not available in the official retailer shops, or over Nokia’s webshop.

But, that is not completely true. If you are living in India, you can now purchase some of the official accessories over Nokia webshop. Currently, you can buy there Nokia Active Wireless Earphones (Rs. 3,360), Nokia Double USB Car Charger (Rs. 820), Nokia Flip Cover (for Nokia 6, 5, 3 and 6.1 too for Rs. 601), Nokia Xpress-on Cover Dual Pack (Rs. 450), and Nokia Stereo Earphones (Rs. 830).


HMD should push the production and marketing of the accessories in the second gear, or third. I believe that many owners would like to own Nokia Stereo Earphones or even the wireless ones if they were available. HMD is a small startup and needs to establish the sales and the brand awareness once again, which is not the easiest task to do. After they launch their flagship phone, it would be a right time to promote it together with some official BT speaker, wireless earphones, or wireless charging pad (if it will be included in that model). I kind of hope for the joint operation of the Nokia health and Nokia Mobile, but we know what happened with the Health Department.

Anyway, good to see some things changing, and hope the official Nokia webshop will become available in other markets in the near future.


Thanks Indranil Acharya for the tip ;).