Bluetooth vulnerability that affects almost all smartphones patched in June Android security update

Researches from Technion, prof. Eli Biham and graduate student Lior Neumann, discovered a serious vulnerability in Bluetooth data transfer that affects all devices with Intel, Broadcom or Qualcomm Bluetooth chips, or in other words, probably most devices on the planet.

The security flaw allows a third party in the Bluetooth range to intercept a Bluetooth file transfer and access the data that is transferred, even security codes for two-factor authentication.

The good news for all users of Nokia Android smartphones is that this “bug” was fixed with Google’s June security update for Android. July is almost over, so it’s safe to say that all Nokia devices that run an original ROM are safe from potential data hijacking over BT.

This story shows us again why security updates are important, even though most of the time we regard them as an unnecessary interruption while we use our mobile devices.

You can learn more about this vulnerability here.

via: GSMArena ,  CERT