Nokia X6 won’t be coming to India yet

Well, I don’t know what to say about this one, it is a bit weird. Our reader Shubham tweeted us (yes, our @nokiamobblog Twitter account is back!) that on the Nokia India official page you can find the Nokia X6 user guide. The web page address that takes you to the guide, clearly points out that it is for Chinese Nokia X6. Additionally, the main photo shows the Chinese X6, the first Nokia smartphone with a “notorious” notch.
Many of us might assume that Nokia X6 is maybe heading to India. But, a few months ago the Nokia 7 user guide appeared on Nokia India official page, and that phone is still a China exclusive. I think that Nokia X6 won’t be coming to India any time soon, definitely not in the next few days. Anyway, the link has been removed and it takes you now directly to the Chinese page!

I had a short chat with Nokia Support, and they confirmed that X6’s user guide on Nokia India official page isn’t a mistake (even though they have removed the link now). They told me also that the X6 is very much a China exclusive, and it won’t be coming to India yet.
But, Nokia Support did mention that HMD is in a process of reevaluating the X6’s future. I must say that Nokia Support isn’t always the best source of information, since they are outsourced, and also can’t talk directly about the HMD’s strategies. What they revealed is something we know for a while. Juho Sarvikas did a poll on his Twitter account regarding the expansion of the notched Nokia devices to other parts of the world, and many of you said yes.
HMD could also give up the idea because the X6 could endanger the sales of Nokia 6.1. That is also not possible since Nokia X6 probably won’t have the same price in India as in China.
One thing I’m sure of, in the next year, we could see Nokia smartphone with a notch aimed for the global market.