Nokia the 2nd most trusted smartphone/tablet brand in India

Every year, the Economic Times releases its list of the most trusted brands in India. Nokia, in the last two years, has been in decline of this consumer trust since its re-entry in the smartphone business in 2017. The brand, being new to the market, peaked at No. 1 in Brand Equity survey in 2017, but fall back down to #3 in 2018 – just below BBK brands. This decline in consumer trust continues last year when Nokia finished only at No. 4 spot in the most trusted smartphone/tablet brand category, but the situation is improving.

This year’s Brand Equity report (2020) is out, and Nokia is back again at the top spot – although No. 2 this time, just behind Samsung. This means Indian consumers have revived their trust for the Nokia brand in the communication sector.

The survey was conducted with a sample of 2200 in different groups. The full methodology can be found here. It is also worth mentioning that Nokia is currently at No. 59 for the 2020 Brand Equity 100 Most Trusted Brand Category.