Mobile Phone Museum is virtually open

Ben Wood, a Chief Analyst at CCS Insight, launched a Mobile Phone museum on November 23. The Mobile Phone Museum is a project Ben conceived back in 2004, but after joining forces with another collector Matt Chatterley in 2019, they managed to take the project to the level it is today, which is a proper museum of phones. They have managed to gather over 2000 models from over 200 different brands, which is a decent collection. You can find there a lot of legendary devices from Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Alcatel, and some lesser-known brands, but also some newer phones like One Plus.

The Mobile Phones Museum wouldn’t be functioning if Vodafone UK wasn’t sponsoring them. This carrier will be boosting the development of the museum for the next five years. Who knows, maybe the collection will find a permanent space, not just for one day.

The museum also has a nice webpage, which is necessary since it is a virtual one. You can browse through a rich collection that is catalogized in various interesting categories like James Bond phones, the most sold ones, the firsts or the ugliest phone.

Ben collects phones for over 24 years now, but he and his colleagues still haven’t got them all. There are some most wanted phones that they would like to have in the museum, so if you want to donate an old phone you don’t need and it is missing in the collection, you can do it here, and you’ll be recognized on the website.

This project is surely an interesting one, and if it gets its permanent space, it will be a nice place to visit. In the meantime, do show some old phones that you are hiding in a drawer or so. I lost some of my vintage Motorola and Samsung phones from the early 2000s, but here is a glimpse of what I have stored (a two years old photo).

I recommend visiting Mobile Phone Museum, it doesn’t require a COVID pass.