Nokia working hard to deliver 5G networks

The 5G playoffs have started and Nokia is pushing hard to win the contest. The interesting news is coming from China, where Nokia successfully completed an end-to-end 5G data call using the the 4G and 5G dual connectivity combining existing 4G and 5G infrastructure. This will help operators speed up the deployments of new 5G networks over current 4G infrastructure. Data calls were using 3GPP-compliant 5G NR system and were transmitted over-the-air on 3.5 GHz frequency band and LTE 2.1 GHz frequency band. Nokia used its Airscale, AirFrame and Cloud packet Core to make this possible, and all was done as a 5G Technology R&D trial conducted by Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Next what Nokia wants to do is use AI we all probably heard of before, Nokia AVA, to speed up the deployment of 5G services faster. The key in this service is the usage of AVA to simulate different 5G use cases on networks that will help Nokia design networks in a better, more efficient and faster way. The end goal is to spread 5G faster and lower costs of the operation.

We perceive mobile networks as a simple means of communications. And while that communication brings a lot of profit to operators and manufacturers of networking equipment, it is also powering the industrial revolution since future machines will depend on data provided through wireless networks. Nokia is really doing a great job there and if you are interested in how Nokia’s networking department is building 5G networks head to the Nokia News and Events page to check out the latest news.