Camera Pro update for Nokia 8 now available in Ireland and Iran

At the Russian #ChargedUp event, HMD announced that the Nokia 8 will finally get the Camera Pro app. This app brings the user interface that many users of Nokia/Microsoft Lumia devices got used to and that would help them become a pro phonographer. Anyway, the Camera app update came a few days after the event, but not all the markets got it. It is now finally available in Ireland and Iran.

Nokia 8 Camera Pro update available for Iran. Thanks Ehsan Poolad for the tip!

I don’t have a Nokia 8 with me currently so I can’t check it on my own, but many users complained of the new CameraPro app update. They said the app is not performing well, and that there are many bugs. Did you notice the same things, and could you just briefly say how is Camera Pro app working on your Nokia 8? Cheers!