Test: Nokia 7 plus, Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 1

Very exciting day today, latest Nokia phones have finally arrived for a test and after it, a local football team won the game. But, who cares about football when Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 6 and Nokia 1 or the first Android Go Nokia device, are here for a test. Just kidding about football, but new Nokia devices are gorgeous on the first sight. The packaging is the same in its basis, with one slight difference, the names of the models are written on the front and now we know that Nokia 6 (2018) is actually officially called Nokia 6.1, and P in Nokia 7 Plus is not capitalized. Box of the Nokia 1 is as small as the one of Nokia 3310 3G and it is kind of cute.

I must say that I’m positively surprised that HMD decided to add a silicone cover and decent quality earphones with the Nokia 7 plus. Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 1, on the other hand, are stuck with those old WH-108 earphones that will serve the purpose. Nokia 7 plus also comes with wall charger, USB/USB-C cable like the Nokia 6.1, while Nokia 1 has a wall charger and USB/micro USB cable, and no extra XpressOn cover in the standard retail package. You can find below a few photos of the boxes and its content, starting from Nokia 7 plus, going over Nokia 6.1 to Nokia 1. Must say that Nokia 1 looks a little bit like Nokia 3310 :).

Video will be uploaded shortly. Here is just a short announcement ?.

HMD has sent us gorgeous Black/Copper Nokia 7 plus, white/ red Nokia 6.1 and Blue Nokia 1. We will be playing with the devices for a couple of weeks and after, tell you what we think about the good and bad sides of them and who should consider those devices. In the meantime, you can tell us what you would like to know about the devices, and what should we test. Be free to post your questions or opinion about the Nokia 7 plus, Nokia 6.1 or Nokia 1 in the comments section.


By the way, everything was shot and filmed with Nokia 6 (2017) :).