The design of the banana phone Nokia 8110 patented at EUIPO

European Union Intellectual Property Office registered and fully published patents of the Nokia 8110 4G design. The three patents under the numbers 004506558-0001/-0002/-0003 were submitted to EUIPO on 14th November of 2017, with Jonathon Lister mentioned as the designer. The original Nokia 8110 was designed by Andrea Finke-Anlauff in 1992 as a part of her diploma work that she did at Nokia and the original idea was to have a touch screen below the slide mechanism, but because of high costs and battery life the solution they ended up with was a smaller screen and keys. Ben Woods, analyst at CCS Insight did an interview with Mrs. Finke-Anlauff that you can check down below.


Let’s get back to 2018. The new Nokia 8110 4G, announced at MWC2018 less than a month ago, is the second device, technically the fourth if we count the 3310 3G and 4G, of the Nokia “Originals” series, with the purpose of reimagining iconic Nokia devices for a modern time. They are also a brilliant marketing move by HMD, that gets the company a lot of attention to better promote their other products, like the promising 6 (2018), 7 plus and 8 Sirocco.

There are still 9 unique devices (or accessories) whose designs HMD submitted to EUIPO for protection. We don’t know anything about these designs, other the design number and the date they were submitted.

Nokia 8110 4G is expected to go on sale in May for a price of €79 before taxes.

Source: EUIPO