3G version of the Nokia 3310 announced

Nokia 3310 with 3G capability is available! People were asking for it and HMD delivered. But, there are some changes that needed to be done so the cute 3310 grew in size, but just for 13.29%, which is great to hear.

Another new thing introduced with the 3G version is the Feature OS, which is similar to the s30+ but enables the 3G capability. I still don’t know if we’ll be able to install Whatsapp on it, but who knows.


This version of the 3310 will offer 6.5 hours of talk time and once again up to 27 days of stand by time. To make 3G version a bit different, HMD introduced Azure and Charcoal colors.


The device will cost €69, and will be available from mid-October. For now it seems it will be available just for Australia and America since there the classic one can’t be used.

Find more at Nokia.com

Update: The 3G 3310 will also be available in Finland for the same price as the 2(.5)G model. (via: mobiili.fi)

  • Nokia 3310 3G will also be available in Finland starting from October 10. Price is same as before, 59 euros.


  • Rocky

    It’s interesting that the “No SIM card” and network icon looks like form Windows Phone 🙂

  • Deep Shekhar

    What about 4G?
    India is going through a 4G revolution and collaborating with Reliance Jio will help Nokia to sell at least 30 Million Nokia 3310’s in this year!!

    • PNHD

      4- is only for high data usage. It’s not needed and it’s not even supited by the processor that is in the phone

    • Gerrard Jr

      That’s why they wil not release this device in India

    • Let’s wait and see. I am sure if the Jio phone turns to be a success, Nokia will follow. And Mehta said that. They are closely looking what is happening, he said.

  • asd

    To me the most interesting part is the new Feature OS. Seems that it might be a more thorough change, not just an added 3G capability. Things pointing to this are that this time they did change the name, not just adding a + or version number at the end, and Juho Sarvikas’ reply to Markus Lehtiniitty’s (who actually already commented here) tweet:

    “Moi! To step up to 3G we had to create a new asset. As easy to use and
    navigate but with some cool new features. You will feel right at home” Juho Sarvikas (@sarvikas) September 28, 2017

    HMD is selling its feature phones quite well if I have understood correctly, and probably want to keep doing it also in future. S30+ might be too limited to serve that market in future. Being limited to 2G and not having even java apps makes it very limited even when comparing to Nokia’s old S40 / Asha platform. Competitors can do better than that. Feature OS having 3G gives me hopes that 4G will be available in future, mainly for India and specifically Jio, and maybe even Java and WhatsApp. Even though WhatsApp is ending S40 support at the end of 2018, it might not be as much because they wouldn’t like low end platforms, but that S40 phones aren’t being made anymore. Who knows, maybe there could be an app for feature phones (/OS) in future.

  • Stinger

    It’s great that it has Facebook and Twitter, but I think they should have included WhatsApp too. Great little phone though.

  • Viccky Maurya

    Feature OS is the most interesting thing. I think Whatsapp will work on this phone as on the website it is mentioned that ‘Feature OS, JAVA powered’. It will be interesting to see that does it run .jar/.jad files or not.

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