Nokia True Wireless Earbuds available in Russia


We have been whining for a long time now about the lack of official Nokia accessories, and HMD is slowly bringing them to the market. The pace of that and the choice of accessories is still not great, but they are there. Extremely attractive piece of audio accessories was launched together with the Nokia 7.1 back in October 2018 at the London event. It was Nokia True Wireless Earbuds, lightweight, nicely designed wireless earbuds that can give you up to 4 hours of talk or music time on one charge.


Nokia Mobile just started selling True Wireless Earbuds for 9990 rubles, or approximately €130, or the announced price. You can buy them on the official Nokia webshop, and earbuds will be delivered for free the same day in Moscow. You can also pick them up by yourself if you are in Moscow from 523 points on December 21.

Further info about the offer you can check on Nokia webshop. Funny thing is that you can buy Nokia 3.1 for the same price as True Wireless Earbuds.


Thanks Nokia Anew for the tip ;).