Nokia installed Croatian smart bench Steora in its Hungarian HQ

Nokia installed a smart bench in front of its Hungarian office. This news is nothing special by itself, but when you know that the bench was produced by a small startup company coming from Solin, Croatia, a small city next to Split where Nokiamob is based, then it is kind of significant. Even bigger news would be if Nokia Health created smart bench which can measure your weight, body temperature and body composition, together with heart pulse and installed it for a test.

Anyway, Nokia did recognize the potential of Steora, smart bench, and set it up in its yard. This bench is multipurpose. It can be WiFi hotspot, mobile phone charger (both over USB and wireless), provide decoration street lighting and serve as advertising board if you choose urbane version of it that has LCD screen in it. It also has 15 sensors that monitor various data that can be accessed through the app. Most importantly, this bench is solar powered, so you can install it anywhere (or at least somewhere close to the source of internet).

We got few of those in Split and I must say they look cool, but people aren’t taking much care of it. USB ports usually get broken, so you can’t use it.

Anyway, this is great recognition of the product and seems like Steora will be even more successful than it already is. If you want to learn more about this smart bench check its official web page.


Via CroatiaWeek