Video: Nokia have solution to create cleaner and safer highways

Nokia has spread everywhere, and it should since staying at one place won’t get you anywhere. Nokia isn’t just a networking equipment manufacturer, but creates technology to connect the world. Actually, Nokia is still connecting people but in a more sophisticated way. At Nokia’s Youtube channel, a new video has been released that talks about the future of traffic and how this Finnish technology giant can help. Basically, in video you can see how valuable data coming from video feeds, sensors and cars can be used to inform drivers about problems ahead, how it can speed up toll service or just make our driving easier.

Nokia did a lot of things about improving our commute and navigations with its former department HERE, and now seems to be evolving previously acquired knowledge and creating technologies that would be dealing with and analyzing massive data coming from traffic. This doesn’t sound like so distant future, but rather sounds expensive for now.

I must say I love this kind of videos. They are done quite nicely, and the story is told in a simple way.