Two new Nokia phones (TA-1062 and TA-1077) revealed in certification process

We  recently saw new model numbers that are reserved for the single SIM variant of the soon to be revealed Nokia 9 (TA-1005, TA-1009 and TA-1042). Additionally, HMD is also planning on releasing the new Nokia 6 which we know under the number TA-1054.

Now, two new device model numbers have surfaced, but what Nokia device they assigned to is still unknown. Devices TA-1062 and TA-1077 have passed the certification process in China and that suggests devices could be unveiled soon. Since Nokia 9 and Nokia 6 (2018) are soon to be presented, maybe those could be Dual SIM variants of the mentioned devices. Maybe HMD is preparing new feature phones that could take those model numbers…

Anyway, most of the companies are preparing for MWC2018, and HMD seems to be working hard throughout the year. Which is great :).


Thanks Michael for the tip 🙂

Via MobielKopen / Source MIIT