New Nokia Steel HR – What are the changes

Nokia Steel HR, maybe the most popular digitized analogue watch out there, is finally available for the masses. You can preorder it and get it early December starting from €189.95. Steel HR was announced at the end of 2016 while the Nokia Health department was still called Withings, and soon after this watch went out of stock, and it remained in that state until recently.

Now, when it’s back, what has changed? At first look, Steel HR looks the same, but you can notice some changes at the face of the watch. Marks, or dials, on the daily goal tracker are unified and more elegant, and the glass seems to be replaced with sapphire one. The watch hands are widened a bit, and the face is a bit ticker what can be seen at the promo render since there is a bit of elevation around the screen. Official straps seem to be wider also, and there is 5 ATM inscription at the bottom of the watch face which designates that the watch is waterproof up to 50 m.

Also, Nokia improved the algorithm for the heart rate measurements, according to Wearable magazine, and HR sensor should be more accurate now.

Additionally, glass cover was added over the HR sensor at the back and the magnetic charger was redesigned.


This is all I could find since Nokia didn’t specify the changes it did to this beautiful watch. Do tell if you notice or find something else.