Stephen Elop visited Nokia’s HQ this morning; Nokia refuses to comment

Former CEO of Nokia Stephen Elop put whole Finland on high alert this morning, when he reportedly visited Nokia’s headquarters in Espoo. The story about Elop visiting his former workplace was first reported by less than an hour ago, and we already have speculations arising what is the infamous (ex)CEO doing there.

Stephen Elop is currently the CTO of Telstra, one of Australia’s biggest service providers, that is also working with Nokia on network infrastructure and with HMD by selling new Nokia phones. Stephen Elop was also seen near the Nokia booth at MWC this year, as can be seen in the picture below, exclusively shared with NokiaMob.

Is Stephen Elop coming back to Finland as the new CEO of Nokia? Will he once again lead Nokia’s phone division, now under HMD Global in new victories? Most certainly not. If he has been this morning visiting Nokia’s HQ, then it’s probably because of his role as the CTO of Telstra. Nokia refused to comment if Mr. Elop was really in a visit to Nokia’s HQ this morning, which allows different theories and speculations to flourish.

Tell us your theory why Stephen returned to Nokia? Is it just because of Telstra or maybe there is something else? After all, he is the owner of HMD Global, right? 🙂