Nokia Chronicles bringing legendary Myriam Joire in 10th episode

The Austrian lads did another great episode of Nokia Chronicles (pardon my 9gag reference). For the tenth podcast, they brought a great techie journalist, once a member of Engadget but now usually self-employed techie that can be seen on most of the technology events around the world. Aussies also broke the record and did the longest episode ever, but that wasn’t hard with a guest like Myriam.

Myriam got interested in mobile phones early in her career. Nokia caught her eye early on since Finns managed to shrink all the interesting and popular tech like audio and music playback, photography, and gaming back in the ’00s. Also, Nokia had a great influencer program 20 years ago which took tech journalists and bloggers on board and gave them all the latest products for a review, which is something that Nokia Mobile could copy.

Anyways, I do recommend listening to Nokia Chronicles with Myriam Joire since you’ll find out many interesting facts about Nokia’s transition to this day, and what is Myram’s best Nokia phone.

Adrian Hughes / Justin Cohen