Nokia halted further development of the OZO camera. Focuses more on health

New times are bringing fast changes. If one wants to survive it needs to adapt and overcome the difficulties that lay in front. We are witnessing the same process being done in the technology business, where the times of big money investments into great product no matter if it brings profit are done. Nokia has just published a press release where it announced that we will not be seeing the development of further versions of the Nokia OZO camera and associated hardware. Nokia (Technologies) will stay committed to the existing customers, and keep supporting them.

The Nokia Technologies department will turn its focus more to Health business and accelerate growth in that market. Hopefully we will be seeing more of Nokia branded gadgets that many of us will be able to use. Maybe this decision will speed up the delivery of the Nokia Steel HR watch which is already being late.

This news isn’t just bad for the lovely OZO, but also for 310 people that were working on its development in the US, Finland and UK. Nokia has invited employee representatives of Nokia Technologies to negotiate the support for the people leaving the company.

Hope that Juha Alakarhu is safe and secure in Nokia Technologies, and that will transfer his focus to the development of the mobile camera instead :).


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