European prices for new Nokia devices revealed by retailers

Some European retailers put up the newly announced Nokia devices on their websites revealing the price and release date. Britain’s Clove, one of the first retailers that started selling last year’s MWC lineup from HMD, put up the new Nokia devices, well all except the new Nokia 6, with prices and release date on their website.

The Nokia 1 should be available in the UK for £79.99 or €90 at Clove in early May. The Nokia 7 plus will be available in mid April for £349.99 or €395. The Nokia 8 Sirocco will retail at Clove for  £649.99 or €732, available late April, and the 8110 4G is expected to hit UK in the same period as 8 Sirocco for a retail price of £79.99 or €90, just as Nokia 1. The prices and release dates are provided by Clove and may change until the devices hit the market.

Nokia 8 Sirocco

In Germany (and Austria), two retailers started taking pre-orders for the new devices. The prices are the same as HMD announced, except the Nokia 1 and 8110  that are priced a little higher. Keep in mind, HMD’s prices don’t include tax, so the pricing, at least in Germany (and Austria), is better than expected. Nokia 8110 costs at Cyberport €89.90, Nokia 1 at Cyberport and Netbooksbilliger €99, Nokia 6 2018 is €279, Nokia 7 plus €399, while the 8 Sirocco is priced at €749. For some devices, release date is late April, while for others it is unknown.

VAT in Germany is one of the lowest in the EU, just 19% so readers from other European countries can roughly convert that to their local currency or in euros but with their VAT rate.

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