3G version of the Nokia 3310 coming later this year?!

Nokia 3310 (2017) is a nicely done phone by HMD Global, but with its 2G network compatibility it is just a great marketing trick. Well, kind of since the design is beautiful and it is quite a capable feature phone. But, in the era of fast Internet, it is just outdated for younger generations that from time to time would like to check their Facebook status, preferably within seconds of opening the web browser.

A few weeks ago, an unknown Nokia device with the model number TA-1036 has passed the FCC testing and some info suggested that it could be 3G version of the Nokia 3310. Now Techbuzzireland got a solid information that the 3G version of the Nokia 3310 exists and that it will be launched by the end of September or in the beginning of October. If ture, these are great news indeed, since many folks would like to own this piece of restored history, but only if it supports 3G network.

You should have done this the first time, but excellent job HMD.

source: TechBuzzIreland.com

Update: The info was posted by operator Three Ireland’s support team, and was picked up by TechBuzzIreland.