3G #Nokia 3310 possibly passed #FCC?

One of the biggest “problems” Western media identified on the Nokia 3310 (2017) were that the device was limited to 2 (. 5) G network. Fair criticism, but feature phones in general are aimed at markets where 2G won’t die for quite some time.

A Nokia 3G mobile device under the model number TA-1036 passed FCC, and the testing revealed that the device supports 3G bands (WCDMA Band 2 & 5, as well as GSM 850 & 1900MHz) that are supported by AT&T, Verizon, US Cellular and partially T-Mobile and Sprint.

The device could be a 3G version of Nokia 3310, and, as far as I know, the first device that supports 3G and runs Nokia S30+ OS. Maybe it will be announced at the upcoming event scheduled for 16th August.

Source: FCC

  • Rocky

    This schematic is interesting, for the new Nokia 105, the schematic provided in FCC similiar with the design, this one looks like Asha 501

    • Interesting, or asha design was the simplest/universal one to use. Thx for the info

      • Rocky

        It’s interesting what’s the operating system this device will bring

    • I didn’t understand this. Nokia 105 is smaller than Nokia 501. Its a basic feature phone with calling and messaging functionality. No camera too. Y do they use this image then?? Plz explain 😊 what is that image above??

      • Rocky

        I mean when FCC listing for Nokia 105 up, there’s a schematic that showed the back of the phone, and the design is resemble the real device, Nokia 8/9 also had this back side schematic, and the picture that I posted is from TA-1036 FCC listing and looks like a touchscreen phone, similar with Nokia 501 design 🙂

        • Ohh kk. It looks like it but its just for reference purpose and not a touch screen phone. 🙂 Its a 3310 🙂

  • Rocky
  • Will be pointless to do 3G with the S30.