Nokia offering Nokia Home with 2 months of free premium services

By acquiring Withings, Nokia acquired its product portfolio, among which the smart home system simply named Home. This device offers a safe summer vacation, because it is monitoring your home for you with a HD camera built in. In case of any movement or sound, it can send you a message to your phone and alert you. Also, home can serve as a baby monitor and even control the air quality by monitoring the concentration of the volatile organic compounds in the air.

Nokia is now offering for a limited time the use of Premium services for two months if you purchase the Home until the August 1st. The Premium service offers  30 days of stored video, all the videos filmed in HD and the ability to download and share your favourite moments.

Nokia Home really looks like a great upgrade of your home’s safety and you can buy it for €199.95 at the official Nokia store, or in stores around you.