#Nokia established new business unit in #China for Internet companies

In an official press release this morning, Nokia announced that it created a special business unit in China that should support domestic internet companies in their plans of expanding overseas.

The newly-founded business unit will be led by Nokia’s Chief Strategy Officer Kathrin Buvac and will focus on areas like data centers, cloud, IP routing, transport, AI and machine learning. You can find the full press release here or keep reading down below.

Beijing, China – Nokia Chairman Risto Siilasmaa met today with high-ranking Chinese authorities and shared the company’s plans to launch a special unit to support major domestic webscale players in their efforts to expand overseas.

The team, which will be part of Nokia’s strategy organization and led by Chief Strategy Officer Kathrin Buvac, aims to support and accelerate the international expansion of large-scale Chinese internet firms, focusing on areas like data centers, cloud, IP routing, transport and services. Nokia will also lend its expertise in new, growing technologies including edge cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The creation of the unit supports Nokia’s strategy of expanding its business beyond its core communication service provider market. It comes on the heels of the start of operations of the Nokia Shanghai Bell joint venture in China, and underlines Nokia’s decades-long commitment to China and to supporting Chinese economic growth.

If you remember the content of Nokia’s annual report for 2016 or the Q1 report, you are maybe familiar that Nokia announced that they are broadening their targeted audience with networking services, emphasizing “Internet Companies”. Creation of special unit just for that in China, is one of signs that Nokia is seriously about expanding their business into markets dominated by U.S vendors Cisco and Juniper Networks.


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