Nokia presented the FP4 – world’s fastest IP router chipset

Nokia has always been pushing the limits of the market and now they did it again by introducing the fastest router on the planet. With this, Nokia is aiming at biggest rivals at the networking business like CISCO and others, that are focused more on internet companies, and less on traditional telecommunications. The Finns are preparing big time for 5G networks and evidently, they are aware that hardware needs to be capable to withstand the massive amount of data that will be passing through. The Nokia FP4 is the world’s first 2.4 Tbps chipset that is 6 times more powerful than current network processors. This chipset is using the 16 nm FinFET technology that keeps things fast and is energy efficient. Chips are built for Nokia by Taiwan’s TSMC.  In its biggest configuration of six shelves (Nokia 7750), FP4-based system can manage a whopping 576 Tbps. This chipset will be shipping in  Q4 2017 and this will help Nokia boost the networking business and attract companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google and even Apple.

This all came from the acquisition of the Alcatel Lucent, that was the second player in edge routers, just behind Cisco and in front of  Juniper Networks on the third place.

This will definitely give momentum in core routing for Nokia, and I must say that the hardware looks powerful.

And, just check that promo video!



Check out the video from the event which was filmed with Nokia OZO VR camera and broadcasted globally



Infographics about the new FP4 processor and some basic info about the networks of the future, or what can we expect:

Via Nokia / TheRegister

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