WhatsApp extended the support for s40 Nokia devices!

We could hear lately that future WhatsApp versions will bring numerous great things, like sharing of every kind of files and so on, but one thing is especially important. WhatsApp decided to extend the support for s40 platform, or s40 Nokia devices like classical ones and Asha line. The support will end at December 1st, 2018. This will also extend the usability of those great devices since WhatsApp is favorite way of communication for many people today. And, it would be shame to lose that feature on devices like Nokia 515 or some jewels from the Asha line.

Unfortunately, Symbian wasn’t that lucky and the support for this beautiful OS will end after June 30, 2017.

I wouldn’t conclude that this prolongation of support means that s40 is going to be back, but rather means that there are many people still using s40 Nokia phones and WhatsApp can’t afford millions to start using other apps that are similar but still offering services. In 1.5 years people will probably start using cheaper smartphone like Nokia 3 or other and happily use WhatsApp.


Download the WhatsApp app for s40 from here.