HMD’s Support or Nokia Mobile Care app available in Google Play store and working well

If you are a die-hard Nokia mobile phone user, then you probably remember how well the Nokia Care operated. You had Nokia Care centers all around the world, Nokia Care open lines, chats and even forums where you could chat with Nokia people or fans who understood their mobile phones and software so well they were even better than some tech guy. Caring for their customers was the base for the creation of the ever-great Nokia community that is still pretty much alive.


HMD Global knew the power of the community so they didn’t want to leave Nokia fans alone and dependent on unknown mobile phone service centers, and created a Nokia mobile Care app. This app is available in the Google Play, but only the owners of the latest Nokia smartphones running the Android software can download it. If you are a Nokia fan, but owning an Android phone other than Nokia, don’t bother trying to download or even install the app.

This app can provide you the basic info about the Nokia smartphones trough the User guide, put you in touch with Nokia mobile tech, give you the status about your Warranty, answer some frequently asked question and bring you to community forums.

Our reader, who bought the Hong Kong version of the Nokia 6, tested the app and its best part, live chat, and it works perfectly. Apps icon isn’t so great, it is rather simple in design. Maybe a little Nokia logo could be added in the future.

Well, if you have an HK or Taiwan (Chinese version doesn’t support GP) Nokia 6 head to the Google Play and download (upgrade?) the app if it isn’t already downloaded on your phone. App is 9.78 MB large.

Click the link to go there directly.


Thx Saša for the tip and screenshots ?.