#Nokia remains #Finland’s No.1 brand. Value up 54% YoY

Research company BrandFinance published the most valuable brand’s list for companies based in Finland. The telecommunications giant Nokia remains Finland’s most valuable brand, but Nokia increased its brand worth for more than 50% compared to last year. In fact, Nokia’s brand is now more valuable than it was in 2012, when Nokia was one of the biggest phone makers. BrandFinance values the Nokia brand at close to €4.4 billion.

It is interesting that a Company Nokia co-founded also made into the top 10 list, and that’s Nokian Tyres. Nokian Tyres, which means Tyres of Nokia (because Nokian is genetive in Finnish for the noun Nokia) was created as a joint venture between Nokia’s rubber production part and other companies in 1988, when Nokia decided to focus on telecommunications.

All in all, after acquiring Alcatel Lucent and showing of the 5G vision, Nokia’s brand value increased significantly, and as the 5G implementation era nears, and Nokia’s Digital Health and VR vision clarifies, adding HMD and phones, we can for sure say that Nokia will continue to increase its worth. It’s also good to note that many companies publish brand reports, and Nokia’s value in BrandFinance’s report could significantly differ in another report.

Source: Brand Finance