#Nokia opens brand new office in Sao Paulo, #Brazil

Head of Corporate Communications for Latin America at Nokia Claudia Roman shared on Twitter that Nokia opened up a brand new office in Sao Paulo, Brazil. There are not many photos about the new Nokia Office, but if we find more, we will update the article.


Nokia historically has a strong presence in Latin America, and it’s nice to see that Networks remain strong there after Nokia exited the phone market. In 1999 Nokia opened a big manufacturing facility in Manaus, the industrial center of Brazil, located in the Amazonas, in the North Region of Brazil. The factory was sold to Microsoft as part of the “Nokia Devices and services” deal. At first, Microsoft considered making Xbox in Manaus, but with electing Satya Nadella the factory was later sold to Flextronics, who remained a manufacturing partner for Microsoft, as per a 2015 report. There is no recent information about the status of the Manaus facility.

Finnish Nokia owns a manufacturing facility in Brazil, in the town Embu, that manufactures radio frequency systems. As per the 2016 annual report, Nokia employees 4,000 people in Latin America and the region contributes almost €1.5 billion to Nokia’s revenue annually.