#Withings got a little bit smarter with Smart Wake-Up feature

Withings, soon to be rebranded completely to Nokia, has upgraded its latest analogue smartwatch with new feature. Now this elegant watch is able to wake you up in the morning at just right time so you would not be or at least feel grumpy. They call the new feature the Smart Wake-Up and it helps you wake up at the optimal point of your sleep cycle each morning. Therefore, if you set your alarm at 7 am, it will wake you up a minute before or after when it detects that your sleep is lighter.

This feature is present in some other smart bands and watches and I am glad that it landed in Withings watch. Nokia is dedicated to health and sleeps cycles are very important to preserve the wellbeing of the individual. I am looking forward to seeing more of this kind of little technological solutions from Nokia that can help us make our life a bit healthier.

If you have a Steel HR this is how you can enable this feature:

1. Go to my devices and select Steel HR
2. Click on “Set my alarm”
3. Set your alarm time
4. Drag the Smart Wake-Up™ bubble to define a window of time before your alarm
5. Steel HR will wake you up at the optimal moment within that window

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