Nokioteca and Nokians review the new Nokia 7.1

Nokia 7.1 (photo:

European based Nokia blogs (France) and (Italy) published their reviews of the new Nokia 7.1, that was announced this month. I have to say that I’m a bit jealous of their “early” review units, but ours should arrive soon, too. 🙂

Nokia 7.1 (photo:

I won’t go into details about their conclusions and thoughts about the device, because I don’t speak Italian and/or France (if a German Nokia blog existed I could, though), but their reviews are full with beautiful pictures of the device and beautiful pictures made with the Nokia 7.1, so I encourage you to check them out. Google Translate also does a good job. Nokia 7.1 review

Nokia 7.1, la nostra recensione con foto, video, curiosità e info utili Noka 7.1 review

Test du Nokia 7.1, le moyen de gamme surprenant

Nokia True Wireless Earbuds (Photo:

Nokians also received the True Wireless Earbuds, and I find the True Wireless Earbuds more exciting than the phone. You can check that unboxing here.

Nokia 7.1 is already available in some European markets and will soon hit shelves in the US and other markets around the world. The 7.1 comes in two memory configurations: 3GB of RAM + 32GB of storage for 319 euros and 4GB of RAM + 64GB of storage for 349 euros. The prices are global (or European?) averages, and can be lower or higher depending of the market. You can find rest of the specs of Nokia 7.1 here.

Your thoughts about the 7.1 are always welcomed down below. 🙂