Rumors: #Nokia 3310 goes on sale this month; Nokia 3, 5 & 6 in May

Malaysian blog VTechgraphy found out from their “reliable” sources that the new Nokia 3310 is expected to hit the Malaysian market this month, or more precise, late April. Nokia 3, 5 and 6 should follow in May, with the possibility that Nokia 3 arrives firs, then the 5, and at last the 6 in late May. The Nokia 6 Arte Black version should hit the shelves in June. All information is stated for the Malaysian market, but HMD promised a global day one release, which means in all planned market at the same time. Considering this, the alleged launch periods for the Malaysian market could also be for other markets as well.

HMD did not come out with a launch date yet, so this could still be filled under rumors. VTechgraphy was the first blog to report about the resurrection of the 3310, even before Evleaks so their sources have some credibility. HMD’s Marketing Head for Eastern Europe stated in an interview for a Croatian tech site that the phones are expected to go on sale in the second half of Q2, meaning from mid-May to late June.

Nokia 3310, 3, 5 & 6 will be available in Europe, Africa, Middle East, India and APAC region countries in Q2 this year. The average retail prices are:

  • €49 for Nokia 3310
  • €139 for Nokia 3
  • €189 for Nokia 5
  • €229 for Nokia 6
  • €299 for Nokia 6 Arte Black.

You can find more about the new Nokia phones here.

Source: VTechgraphy


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  • This means i just had to wait for almost 1 month. I purchased Nokia 150 lol. I should have waited 😛

    • It means you have a device (N150) to compare to 3310 once you buy it. hehe 🙂

      • haha 🙂 Nothing can be compared to 3310 😛

  • This means the phones might have already reached different countries by now 🙂 The distributors might have tried them too(Lucky Distributors) 😛

  • Google Translation needs to work better lol. Did you read the first paragraph from english translation of VTechgraphy? “Malaysian Powder”????

    • Bing translates fine. “Since the MWC 2017 Conference ended, Nokia 6 is currently in Taiwan and Hong Kong-listed and sold out. Many friends ask when will Victor ever HMD Global to Nokia to introduce Android 3, 5, 6, and went on sale new for Nokia 3310 to Malaysia. Today, in co-operation with reliable sources to verify, VTECH again we send first-hand news about Nokia new phone listing, snow fans in Malaysia to focus on now!”

      • Still these translators (Google and Bing) need to work hard 😛 But we as humans can understand this by some guess work 😛