#Nokia 3310 is not a fail as some suggest!

I really love to read GSMArena, and respect the guys. They have been doing a great job for so many years and everybody visited at least once their site to check the phone specs. Their reviews are usually correctly written and objective. Every part of the phone is inspected and many tests are done to confirm their meaning. But sometimes their perspective is wrong and that happened with first-thought video on Nokia 3310. They are usually sharpshooters, but this time they missed the target.

I don’t know what they expected of a simple feature phone that had one goal, and one goal only, to bring some nostalgia back and raise rush all the journalist and blogers to HMD’s booth. Nokia 3310 is a great marketing move, but also a great feature phone and only that. If you watch it from smartphone user perspective, this phone will suck. It doesn’t have WiFi, 3G, enough memory (both RAM and internal), no so much sophisticated platform, and not so many apps that many are using. But it brought back the familiar shape in a modern way. Phone is slimmer, rounder, lighter, has colour screen (from Nokia 150), USB port, 3.5 mm jack, Bluetooth, and camera. So, why would GSMArena guys think it is going to be a failure. Targeted population are young people in developing countries, Nokia fans, hipsters, people that want to have colorful feature phone (which is rarity today), and all of us that can spare 50€ and have 3310 16 years later. I must say I didn’t have a chance yet to hold it, but our friends form Mob.hr (biggest mobile phone site in Croatia and around) that were at MWC did, and they said it is cool device.

So, take it as cool device (Google Trends don’t lie). If you can live with that it is for you. If you are die hard smartphone user, well just take it as a cool device. It brings some colour and shape in the feature phone class. And, you can get it with golden Putin on a back cover too!

I think one thing could be a nice move though, somehow negotiate with Facebook to bring Whatsapp on s30+ devices, or specifically Nokia 3310. It would shorten the battery life for sure, but would make that phone even more desirable that already is.

What are your thoughts? Please share it with us in the comments section below.



  • did you check an article at verge? they have the worst article written about Nokia 3310. the author is bashing Nokia and i think he is paid 😛
    How can such writers exist lol just read the comments lol. Ilike reading comments on such articles where people bash authors like him 😛 As a Nokia fan i can’t take it!!!!!

    • Hemedans

      ITS normal, they been like that all time. I remember how they use to bash surface pro and encourage people to buy ipads,

  • Hemedans

    The fact that Nokia 3310 is popular than all phones released at MWC show that it has succeed

    Even in gsmarena 3310 has average of 120,000 views per day, while phone like lg g6 only achieve half of that

  • Is it hard to get that the 3310 is a marketing trick, and a feature phone. Nothing more. Every HMD Nokia-branded feature phone has only 2/2.5G with the same bands. Making 3G or WiFI available in S30+ is a waste of time, and Money, because S30+ is only for calls and messages. The firstly need to invest in the OS, and then make a phone with more expensive and more powerful internals, pay addition, 3G and WiFi license, and launch a 3310 for min 100€. Would that be a smart move? No, because it would jeopardize the sales of Nokia 3.

  • user

    My thoughts are with Linux MeeGo Sailfish OS. Why Nokia still yet has not launched any Sailfish OS device? It is former alliance of Nokia & Intel project, it is far better, it can drive even a smartwatch or 3310 or any of N6,5,3. Simply that would be much better! Why still Nokia has not used new, modern Linux with Android apps support? This is something hard to believe!